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The Forex market is popular and yet promising and dangerous to equal. To have a real chance of winning in forex trading, you should consider the following 3 tips.

With the Internet and the growing number of online brokers combined with an overwhelming, if not inflationary supply of knowledge, it has never been so easy to call yourself a Forex trader.

Once the trading account has been opened and the trading platform has been set up, there is nothing in the way to becoming a successful forex trader. Unfortunately, most traders quickly realize that earning money in trading is easier said than done.

In addition to a functioning trading strategy, a proven risk management and non-emotional behavior on the screen, trading also includes a lot of experience, until it comes to sustainable profits.

Therefore, it is no secret that about 90% of all private traders lose their capital long term!

With the following 3 tips we would like to give you a part of our experience of the past 10 years on the way.

1st Forex Tip: Set your trading times

The forex market literally follows the sun around the globe, so trading is theoretically possible from late Sunday night through late Friday night. This certainly brings with it the advantage that the forex market offers more entry opportunities than, for example, the stock market.

For inexperienced traders, however, this carries the risk of overshooting and getting into overtrading. Overtrading means that traders literally turn over. After a bad trade, the trader wants to quickly recover the profit, acts a half-hearted setup and loses even more. He's coming in a downward spiral, has completely lost the thread and the control and loses in a few hours as much money as never before. In this case, the following 2 forex tips will help you.

2nd Forex Tip: Understand the markets you trade

Forex trading does not work without fundamentals. If you think you can trade successfully with 2-3 indicators on the 5-minute chart, then unfortunately we have to disappoint you. In foreign exchange trading, different laws apply than in stock trading.
Central banks play the biggest role in Forex trading. As a forex trader, you should be absolutely sure about the monetary policy of FED; ECB and Co. are familiar and know which economic indicators are important.

3rd Forex Tip: Trade multiple currency pairs

Many traders make the mistake of trading only one currency pair. Most often, this is EUR/USD. This is negligent because you may not only wait days for your strategy to deliver a trading signal, but you may also be somewhat exposed to a cluster risk.

We therefore recommend that you expand your perspective to multiple currency pairs. In addition to EUR/USD, especially the so-called "majors", ie the main currency pairs, offer attractive trading opportunities. These include amongst others USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF or AUD/USD.

If you have not just a single forex pair but over 50 FX pairs on the watchlist, chances are much greater that your trading setup will appear several times a day, giving you the best chance.

Automate your profits now!

So far, it sounds as if it was almost impossible to earn money with trading on the FX market, without having to acquire the necessary knowledge and gain the necessary practical experience over the years
Imagine that there is a way to immediately benefit from profitable trading strategies developed by professional traders and established on the market over the years.

This possibility actually exists!

With our managed account solutions, we enable our clients to benefit from our professional trading algorithms, which are proven to generate double-digit returns per year.

If you want to benefit for artificial intelligence in trading, you should now make an appointment for a free strategy call with one of our consultants.

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