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Innovative asset management from Switzerland

We help you achieving your financial goals. Benefit from our many years of expertise in the development of automated strategies for foreign exchange trading (FOREX).


We are not your typical asset manager

Here at Mabeco, we believe in the power of collective intelligence. Our team consists of financial experts as well as people without traditional financial background. So we have the opportunity to regard things differently, to approach things differently. What we are looking for are new insights and new solutions. Because our claim is to always be one step ahead!

Why did we start the Mabeco?

To offer discerning investors a service that has long been only a matter for high net worth individuals: trustworthy, professional and innovative asset management that operates independently of banks and transparently. In doing so, we place particular value on achieving above-average returns in every market phase. We have developed our managed account solutions and automated trading systems for a single reason — more performance on your depot!

What makes us unique?

Since the foundation in 2007, we focus exclusively on FOREX trading. Growth and sustainability come first. Not only for us, but above all for our customers. We are looking for strong, long-term and replicable returns. For suitable opportunities. Under a calculable risk. Topics such as big data or machine learning drive us to develop new and above all replicable investment strategies. From the beginning we focus on innovation and specialization. Every investment decision is therefore highly technological and systematic.

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