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Manual trading requires a lot of discipline — and time — for a trader. This is why large institutional investors, such as banks and hedge funds, generally rely on automatic trading.

Even among "private" traders, so-called Expert Advisors, ie specially developed programs that completely automate trading processes and financial market analysis, are becoming increasingly popular. An Expert Advisor is a highly complex, software-based set of instructions and rules programmed on the basis of a professional trading strategy. The trader no longer presses the buy button himself, but leaves the order placement to an algorithm. He always has the opportunity to intervene in the trade, but it does not have to theoretically. In this way, buy or sell signals are generated and executed, position sizes determined and risk controlled. Everything fully automatic!

1. Trading without emotions

Let's get to the first reason why you should better automate your trading. It is statistically proven that about 90% of all traders lose their capital in the long term. Besides a lack of trading knowledge, the trader's psyche is a decisive criterion. Trading decisions are influenced by greed, fear and hope rather than rationality and knowledge. This is where one of the most important advantages of automated trading comes into play: Expert Advisors trade without any subjective or emotional room for interpretation!

2. High speed

The second reason to automate your trading is the extremely high speed at which an Expert Advisor operates. With manual trading, you can only analyze one market after another and identify trading opportunities. By contrast, the use of an automated trading system allows you to scan many markets in parallel and quickly convert buy or sell decisions into trades or place them on the market. The whole thing happens in a speed that a human would not be able to afford.

3. Passive income — more time for the beautiful things

Last but not least, you save a considerable amount of time compared to manual trading. Once the Expert Advisor has been set up, it does not need a break, it does not have to eat or sleep. He trades as long as the markets are open around the clock. In this way, you are guaranteed no trading opportunity and can literally let your money work for you.

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Do you also want to benefit from the numerous advantages of automated trading and let your money work for you? We not only provide you with a mature and well-established trading system (Expert Advisor), but also the necessary experience to use the trading system for you or actively support you in automated trading.

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