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A managed account is your personal trading account, which we technically connect to our trading algorithm.

  • Above average Performance
  • Full transparency & Control
  • Easy entry starting from 50,000 CHF

Higher returns compared to traditional asset management

The special feature of FOREX trading is that both rising and falling markets can be traded profitably. The foreign exchange market literally follows the sun around the globe, allowing trading from late Sunday night to late Friday night. To generate trading signals, our quantitative models require few, if any, indicators. This enables us to profitably exploit virtually every phase of the market, from the quiet sideways movement to volatile trend phases. Added to this is the advantage of automated trading. Our trading systems work around the clock and free from human emotions. Professional Traders monitor and control all trading activities to ensure the highest quality and the best performance.

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Current report: July 2021

Transparency & Control

The big advantage of a managed account compared to classical asset management is that this account is kept in your name and thus completely independent of the actor. You always have access and have the opportunity to monitor activities on your trading account at any time. You only give us the authority to trade on your trading account. We have no access to the capital and can not make any deposits or withdrawals. You have full control over your account and can terminate the contract on a daily basis and dispose of your capital as agreed.

FOREX Managed Accounts — More performance on your depot

Low entry barriers

Starting with a minimum deposit of CHF 50,000, you will gain access to professional trading strategies previously reserved for institutional investors or high net worth investors.

  1. You open a trading account and deposit your investment amount.
  2. You give us an asset management mandate and the revocable power of attorney to trade your trading account.
  3. We connect to your account and start trading with our fully automated strategy

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